Ivy Tower
University of Kent at Canterbury


More speculative work on the Canterbury Campus exploring sites of unrealised potential. This project follows on from our KASA Tower proposing a permanent tower and room with a view, adjacent to the School of Architecture at the convergence point of multiple routes across campus.

The ‘podium space’, as it is has become known, was originally intended to display sculpture, but is used for a variety of ad-hoc purposes such as book sales and election campaigning, throughout the academic year. Our proposal involves providing a covered space for these activities as well as screening the unsightly rear elevation of the university shops, transforming it something more appropriate as an important arrival point for many visitors.

This time, the intention is to use corten steel expanded mesh to clad the structure over which varieties of local grape vines would be encouraged to grow: the carefully framed view of Canterbury Cathedral at the top may, on occasion, be accompanied with a bottle of, increasingly good, Kent wine.



University of Kent




Small but tall