KASA Tower
University of Kent at Canterbury


This project for a temporary pavilion outside the Kent School of Architecture to mark the end of year show began as an open competition to all students in the school. Third year Michael Dillon’s proposal for a tower and viewing platform was judged by Sarah Wigglesworth as the clear winner, noting the potential economy of means (standard scaffolding stair structure) and singular insurance liability(!). meld collaborated with Michael, helping to evolve the design and navigate the intricacies of health and safety, funding and security requirements.

The finished piece used translucent white Monarflex scaffolding cladding which was back lit at night by colour changing floodlights. The panoramic views of Canterbury and the surrounding countryside, in the presence of Corb’s Modular Man, made for a suitably memorable experience to accompany the show.



University of Kent


June 2009


Small but tall