Aubrey Road
London N8


This project is the result of a collaboration with AHMM, who were responsible for the concept design through to planning submission stages. It consists of a refurbished kitchen, in the body of a Victorian terrace house, linking through to a garden extension dining area which opens out onto a new split level terrace.
The new elements are deliberately simple and restrained, concerned more about what they achieve in the overall scheme of things, rather than being attention seeking design objects in themselves. The skimmed plasterboard and spray-lacquered mdf wall and cabinet linings are coloured white following similar finishes elsewhere in the house; likewise for the dark-stained oak floor which is also carried through to the terrace area decking providing a unifying element between outside and inside, old and new.

Externally, the brick colour is similar to the surroundings but with a matching flush pointing intended to achieve the impression of singular sculpted masonry mass when perceived from the back of the garden. The Danish Petersen Tegl bricks are of a narrower and longer proportion, and although the modularity has been suppressed, the openings and junctions are all carefully composed to meet whole or half bricks.





April 2013




£ 121,000