Bath Road


This development proposal for a site next to the former ITV production Studios on Bath Road consists of 30 flatted dwellings, in a mix of studio, one and two bedroom units contained in two separate buildings of similar size and layout, accessed from lobbied central stair and lift cores.

Our intention has been to produce a simple and elegant design, appropriate to the scale and materiality of the surrounding context, which is suitably robust in its construction and able to appreciate with age. The proposed use of white/ buff coloured brick which is intended to relate to the ITV Studios and Bath Stone used extensively throughout the region, while the darker bluey-brown brick of the retaining and garden wall elements is of a similar tone to Bristol Pennant Stone.

The limited number of window types, balconies and other repetitive elements aim to achieve a balance between animating the simple rectilinear forms while maintaining a suitable degree of utility and restraint.



Cube Real Estate




30 dwellings