Calverley Street (study 2)
Tunbridge Wells


For this redevelopment proposal of a sensitive town centre site in Tunbridge Wells, currently occupied by a multi-storey car park, we addressed the concerns previously raised with regard to accommodating and/or replacing the existing trees on Calverley Street by moving the terrace block 2m back from the site boundary.

This significantly reduced the build area but, through careful re-planning of the terrace, we minimised the loss of dwellings by arranging deck access flats over maisonettes with front doors to the street behind private external space incorporating planting and built-in refuse and recycling store. The other two blocks remained unchanged from our earlier study 1.

The diversity of colours and materials in this site’s context is again reflected in our proposed materials of copper, zinc, red and cream coloured brick incorporating various expressive brickwork details that seek to reduce the scale, further relating to the decorative restraint of the surroundings


Pineview Properties Ltd




18 Dwellings
7 x 1 Bedroom flats
3 x 2 Bedroom flats
8 x 2 Bed maisonettes