Bartley Way


This townhouse development forms part of Bartley Wood Business Park’s transformation into a mixed-use area, ultimately set to become an integrated urban neighbourhood of Hook in Hampshire.

The site layout balances the need for some separation from the existing office and proposed hotel development to the south, while sharing the new bike, recycling and bin store in the reconfigured car park and main access from Bartley Way.

A flexible three-storey terrace house typology accommodates the desired mix mix of three and four bedroom units, where the top floor can be converted to provide extra bedroom space as and when required, within a consistent external form. This allows a standardization of building components, offering greater efficiencies and associated cost savings.

Simple and robust elevational treatment incorporate perforated brickwork screens alongside projecting brick headers adjacent to the recessed entrances at ground floor level, with bronze anodized aluminium windows and opening cedar panels above. The sawtooth roof profiles, in standing seam copper, allude to factory and business park antecedents, while representing the interiors’ asymmetry and providing more south facing area for solar arrays.





Autumn 2019