Inverness Street (study 1)


This intriguing little site in Camden for a new build house, at an in-between moment where large 4 storey townhouses of what has become the Primrose Hill Conservation Area meet the more modest 3 storey terraces more typical of Victorian Camden Town, presented a number of formal challenges in terms of streetscape, choice of materials, and internal planning.

Our first massing study mediates in scale between the smaller terrace and white stuccoed side entrance of the larger townhouse. Simple rendered volumes lift the envelope of the existing structure (unlisted and deemed to be of little merit) to first floor level and continues the adjoining terrace building line through to the front entrance which turned at 90° to the street.

Inside, the entrance hall, guest toilet, along with main bedroom and ensuite bathroom, are at are ground floor level above a newly excavated basement with 2 top lit bedrooms. A staircase, also lit solely from above, wraps around the south west end leading to an open plan kitchen, living and dining space at first floor level.









£ 300,000