Montbarla (study 3)
Tarn et Garonne   France


Intended to provide a more economic development option, this study for a 4 bedroom house is configured in a single pitched roof volume, clad in corrugated fibre cement sheet, and aligns with the contours of the site which slopes down from the road. Both the form and material are intended to have some association with contemporary agricultural and industrial buildings of the region.

The majority of openings are to the south enjoying the expansive views across the landscape and allowing high levels of passive solar heating over when required over the winter. During the summer months these openings are shaded by perforated metal shutters which also provide enhanced security when the house is unoccupied. Concrete columns and floor slab (providing thermal mass) would be cast on site with a timber frame construction used for the main body of the house.

A variety of fruit trees are proposed to the west side of the house while the rest of the site would simply be seeded with wild flowers selected to provide a variety of colours and flowering periods from spring through to autumn.

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April 2013