Tarn et Garonne  France


After the leaks, cold drafts and large energy bills experienced while living year-round in an old stone farmhouse, our client for this new build house in south west France is aspiring to build to Passivhaus standard of energy efficiency. Key aspects of achieving this include: high levels of insulation and air tightness; making use of passive solar gain in winter; a heat recovery and exchanger system along with solar thermal panels for water heating. Rainwater will be collected and stored for flushing of toilets and garden irrigation.

A pre-fabricated timber frame panel system (from a factory within an hour’s drive) will be clad in locally sourced timber boards with either a zinc or sedum finish to the roof. We are researching all interior finishes and fittings to ensure low levels of toxicity required for compatibility with the high levels of air-tightness.

The images shown here are of an earlier proposal but ‘study 2’ (designed in collaboration with our self-building client) was enthusiastically granted planning approval and a construction work is expected to be completed by summer 2012.









€ 180,000