Vale House
Tunbridge Wells


The adjacent drawings and images show our initial pre-application design for a 42 dwelling residential development involving the conversion and extension of an underused office building in Tunbridge Wells.

Considerably more ambitious than the built project, which kept within the existing building envelope, this version added volume to the south and east sides along with completely new elevational treatments to the retained concrete structure, stair and lift cores, reflecting the similarly comprehensive re-development approaches of the adjacent buildings.

Our carefully chosen range of new materials (including copper, buff coloured brick with accentuating panels of deep green tiling around entrances and between balcony windows) sought to provide a more sympathetic treatment to the new exterior within the tree line of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Conservation Area, particularly when seen from significant town centre places such as Calverley Grounds.



Pineview Properties Ltd


2020 (Superseded by others)


42 dwellings:
19 x 1 Bedroom flats
42 x 2 Bedroom flats