Wadham Road


Our proposal for this end of terrace site in Putney consists of four 2-bedroom townhouses, sharing a communal courtyard and covered amenity space under the adjacent Victorian railway viaduct.

The compact typology evolved through a careful analysis of privacy, daylight, and neighbouring building forms. Each of the adjoining back-to-back townhouses having similar layout configurations of living, kitchen and dining areas above two floors of separated bedrooms, allowing for the best views and daylight to the living spaces, further enhanced by the roof garden skylights overhead.

Dwellings fronting Wadham Road are entered directly from the street, in a similar way to the neighbouring terrace houses, with further contextual continuity of cornice line, dormer windows and overall scale established without resorting to simplistic pastiche. The others share a gated covered entrance opening out into a communal courtyard which continues on under the railway arch offering additional amenity space for bike, bin and recycling stores.

The elliptical void of the courtyard sets up a relationship of curved sculptural forms with the railway arch and is lined with vertical louvers allowing close proximity without unduly compromising privacy or daylighting levels. This arching figure is further represented in the undulating curves of the south elevation creating a suitably scaled gable end to the terrace housing of Wadham Road and playful expression of place.



Step Places


Spring 2020


350m² GIFA